Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

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surgery3Cosmetic Surgical Procedures are performed in Dr. Popham’s privately owned surgery center accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the state of Colorado. These cosmetic procedures include eyelid procedures to reduce the tired appearance of bags under the eyes and lift eyelids, as well as face and neck lifts, CO2 laser resurfacing of the skin, and liposelection and body contouring. Dr. Popham is widely regarded as a leading surgeon in the area for cosmetic procedures and has been voted Denver’s best blepharoplasty surgeon by his peers in 5280 Magazine on five occasions – more than any other oculoplastic surgeon in Denver.


Blepharoplasty involves removal, repositioning, and tightening of various structures around the eyes.  Dr Popham’s goal in blepharoplasty surgery is to allow his patients to look more rested and less tired, but also to continue to look like themselves.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy) and/or Necklift

Over time, the effects of gravity, sun exposure, dry air, and general stress takes its toll on an individual’s face and neckline.   A facelift can considerably reduce these signs of aging by re-draping the skin around the face and neck, repositioning the facial fat pads, and tightening the underlying facial muscles.  In most cases, facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) can reduce the outward signs of aging by ten to fifteen years.

Facial Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is the most effective means of facial laser skin rejuvenation. It reduces fine lines, pigment spots, acne scars, and sun damage while giving the facial skin a renewed smoothness and glow.

VASER LipoSelection Body Contouring

VASER LipoSelection is a modern, cutting edge technology applied to body contouring or re-shaping.  VASER liposelection is commonly used to reduce the fat pad under the chin or in the neck. It is also commonly used to flatten and sculpt the abdomen, the flanks or “love handles, the lateral thighs or “saddle bags”, and the arms or inner thighs.