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Park Avenue Surgery Center

Park Avenue Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center that has been specifically designed to provide personal and professional care for patients undergoing outpatient surgery. Our warm, comfortable, outpatient setting enables you to return home on the same day of surgery to recuperate in familiar surroundings.

Our center offers a safe, convenient, high-quality alternative to inpatient hospitalization. The center is fully licensed and certified by the State of Colorado, the Medicare program, and accredited by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospital Organizations. Park Avenue Surgery Center is located in central Denver and offers on-site parking.

Since the Surgical Center is designed exclusively for short stay surgery, we are able to offer patients a convenient, comfortable and less costly alternative to a hospital. The increased level of individual attention minimizes the stress often associated with surgery. There is also less risk of antibiotic-resistant infection at a Surgery Center.Despite the many differences, Park Avenue Surgery Center also shares some very beneficial similarities with a hospital environment.

  1. Your surgeon is supported by a highly skilled team of registered nurses and medical technicians specially trained in surgical and recovery care.
  2. Our surgical suites and state of the art equipment are like those of a large hospital.
  3. Board Certified Anesthesiologists will be involved in your care and available to speak to you the night prior to surgery and upon your admittance to the Surgery Center.

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